anyone looking to buy mini spare heatsink only?  

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i am researching and talking to local cnc milling companys. 

i try to reproduce the mini heatsink to affordable prices. right at the moment, a prototype series would cost right about 35 € per heatsink. according to the price in the prusa webshop, where it is only availible as whole unit for about 70 €, this might would be interessting for some folks around here, including myselfe.

the more units get produced, the more affordable the price will be.


so just asking out here, would there be any interest in this parts? 

Posted : 14/01/2020 5:51 pm
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Where exactly do you want to place the heatsink?

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Posted : 14/01/2020 6:31 pm
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@pingu, if you were interested in making a replacement heat sink for the Mini, you could benefit the freedom of not having mass production constraints.

The original heat sink is an aluminium extrusion, which is cut to length, drilled, tapped, deburred, anodised and laser marked. Machining is only from two sides.

For example: you could choose copper over aluminium, and have more complex geometry to increase the surface. This would make it more efficient in terms of cooling power, but increases the price by a small amount only. Also, you would not need to mill anything; a saw, a good drill press, two taps and a couple of drill sizes would suffice. Nickel plating in the end will protect it from sticky stuff an oxidation.


Posted : 16/01/2020 7:24 am

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