What is wrong with FedEx? Is there a better courier?

What is wrong with FedEx? Is there a better courier?  

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Hi, I have read some complaints about courier companies the past few months. It has happened about three times that even a shipping label was generated earlier in the morning, they did not go to Prusa to pick up the package until two days later. Why didn't they pick up package on the same day?

Two months ago, my package was on hold. They used the weather in another country as an excuse even the package was in my country. I just found that they lost my package ordered last week. Is DHL or UPS any better? I know that delivery people from DHL and UPS don't like to delivery to rooms inside buildings. They always ask me to go down to pick up packages myself as they are concerned that they would get COVID entering the building! They said that it is their company policy but upon checking, they just made up the policy themselves.

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Posted : 21/04/2021 4:23 pm
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For the couriers, I think they have strict schedule-plan-map made by computer (as has our local post service couriers). Based on the schedule they get paid, so standing longer somewhere means, they have to either leave others for the next day or go after expected end-shift time. So, if I would be a courier, I would probably do it the same way in order to save time per package.

For the shipping paper, by me it was the same (cca 500km from Prague). I think, they add it into "delivery company database" system [like on Monday] and request a pickup for some specific date [Wednesday?], when they have sufficient for one full car or palette.

For the lost package, hard to say what could be the issue there. I suppose Prusa as customer must wait for the delivery company to report a package as "definitive lost", not just "delay as probably lost". After that Prusa can send a replacement, which may cause a delay of a lot of days (30?) , if the delivery company has it somewhere in the delivery contract/policy.

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When I asked courier companies to pick up packages from my home, I can choose different time slots for same-day pickup. So Prusa probably has some deals with courier companies so they would go there to pick up in one batch once a day to save money? I guess Prusa ships out products everyday so courier companies go there to pick up packages on a daily basis. Can't understand why they did not pick up packages on the same day. This is not the first time. 

For this order, placed it on Monday Prague time with a 2-3 day delivery. Shipping label was sent Tuesday earlier morning before business hours. FedEx did not go to Prusa to pick it up until Thursday. Then, they lost my package. My printer has been dead waiting for the component to arrive.

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How is DHL and UPS as shipping company sending Prusa products to customers?

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Regarding DHL in the 90s, their couriers in third world countries would drop off document packs and packages into the destination city's postal system for final delivery by the local post office. This was a direct contradiction to DHL's claim of door to door delivery service and likely a nightmare where the reason for using a courier service was to keep the item from entering a third world postal system. Is DHL better today; I don't know. A couple years ago, I purchased something from China and it was delivered directly to me in California by DHL without incident.

In 2017 I purchased an ebike online. The seller used UPS to take their bikes from the Port of Los Angeles to UPS distribution locations in multiple US states. From there they were delivered to the customer. Mine was taken to the Gardena, CA UPS distribution location the last week of November 2017. Despite the UPS website saying my package was out for delivery every day, I waited three weeks for it to be delivered 10 miles to my house in LA. After the first week, I called UPS customer support and was told my package would be delivered like all their packages, first in / first out. After the second week, I visited the Gardena UPS location and was told I could not pick up my package as they had no way of knowing where in the warehouse it was. The UPS employee also noted due to the large dimensions of the package it was likely a warehouse dock supervisor holding it back from being loaded onto the UPS trucks every day so more smaller packages could be delivered on time for the holidays. I haven't used UPS since.

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UPS are a nightmare at the Moment in the UK.

They are blaming "Brexit Issues" and Covid (As most seem to default to, except Prusa 😀 )

I ordered a pair of ceiling speakers from Dublin to Falkirk (I could have drove over and got the ferry and had them in less than a day)

They sat in the UPS main hub for 3 weeks, I got told every excuse in the book (Blamed the seller for paperwork, then when I disputed that they just blamed Brexit again)

To add insult to injury they showed were not out for delivery so I went out for a cycle. when I got back the driver had left the parcel (£260 pair of KEF ceiling speakers) on my front doorstep.

I would not trust them to deliver milk in the morning.

Tank you very much!...
Posted : 23/04/2021 9:17 am

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