Web tool Prusa uses for their assembly guides?

Web tool Prusa uses for their assembly guides?  

Alan Ableson
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Can anyone on the Prusa team share what web tool is used for the assembly guides?  (Or if anyone else recognizes it as a proprietary or open-source project?)

The feature I'm in love with is the instruction interface that I haven't seen anywhere else: the expandable user comment section.

  • If the instructions in a step are clear, readers can just follow the short-and-sweet published version, but
  • If a step didn't make sense, readers can open the comments section specific to that step and see the advice from other users.

I am writing up instructions in my own projects, and hoped to use the same interface if it was available as a web tool, e.g. a Wordpress plugin, Rails package, etc. 

Posted : 24/04/2021 6:17 pm
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Alan Ableson
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Quick follow-up - it looks like Prusa is using iFixit's spin-off product Dozuki - https://www.ifixit.com/News/14319/dozuki-a-new-way-to-write-how-to-manuals

(I'll leave the post up in case I'm wrong though: any corrections are welcome!)

Posted : 24/04/2021 6:40 pm
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I really like Prusa’s instructions.  If this is their method, wow that is expensive.  

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Chuck H
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Posted : 11/05/2021 4:27 pm
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It seems so. This tool is amazing

Posted : 19/05/2021 4:24 pm

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