We want to help you, you have to tell us ...
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[Closed] We want to help you, you have to tell us ...  

We want to help you, you have to tell us ...

Hi all,

this time I will not talk about particular issue or error. My intention today is to improve our services towards users community and set up a structured way of communication, which I believe can enhance and hopefully speed up answers to your questions and helping to solve issues.

Our communication mean is this forum and unfortunately we can not see each other, neither  our patients (printers), so you have to be exact and precise, when you describe your pain. Long story short: when you want somebody to help you effectively, tell about your issue as much as possible at the first shot and do not forget about details

Issue description : The first layer does not stick - will generate very standard set of the questions but almost no answer or very generic answers, you can also read them in your printing manual or on PRUSA help pages.

Your printing experience:

the best thing would be to describe shortly bit of history, how long you are printing, whether your print is the first or 2302-nd in time, how deep is your technical background (this makes sense the language professionals will chose to talk with you 😉 ). You are free but not forced to fill in some additional information about yourself in the About me field of your account data. Than you do not need to repeat it all the time.

Your configuration:

each subforum has its title (i3mk3s, MINI, etc.), which generaly describes what is all about. But we cannot see, which possible variants you have at home eg. not to discover after quite communication, you are using a 2,5 mm nozzle (instead of usual 0,4 mm) or you put your printer in enclosure in order to keep stable (but also higher then usual) ambiente  temperature which means, that the standard room with closed windows conditions does not apply and some PLA materials can melt before they reach your nozzle. 

For example


Printer: Prusa i3 MK3S built by yourself from kit, i3 MK3 upgraded from i3 MK2S etc. 

Deviations from standard: 0,6mm nozzle (standard is 0,4mm),  printer in closed box , additional filament filter etc.

Not being forced to repeat this, you can simply put within your signature, so anyone who wants to help, can immediately see.

Case description:

 Please tell, whether you designed  your model on your own through 3D designer tool (good to mention which ) stl and g-code file, or you just downloaded a gcode, which does not need to be Prusaprinter friendly. You are enccouraged to read our  multilanguage expanding  http://help.prusa3d.com   

Slicer:  especially important to mention which Slicer do you use and whether you use Prusa standard profiles on other then Prusa slicers or non standard profiles. Prusa profiles on other slicers which are adopted to Prusa printers.

Filament used: Prusament PLA Opal Green or other filament by name. You can see in some articles that ABS-T si not always behaving as generic ABS so any detail can help so much.

Printer setup: standard or changed - best is the screen copy from Slicer (attached .3mf file even better)

Print setup: temperatures, speed, ventilation, etc. avoid additional questions from Helpers

Attach files: G-code, .3mf files are very helpful for analysis / replication of oyur issue

Coincidence: this is the most unpredictable fact when issues happen. Your print failed by blob, but you have changed your heatbreak just few weeks prior to this issue, you have used PLA but only anothe color "something  wonder black", which  can light up for some helpers from the first moment, because they already have in mind similar issue with this marvelous "black". 

I have the same issue ...

are you really sure, you have encountered the same situation. I wonder when somebody writes here two lines and someone else is telling "I have the same". There are so many possible scenarious that I would be very careful to express I have the same. The greatest help for Helpers" is , when you are able to replicate this issue (which makes sure, it was not just a ramdom case) and describe it please.

Pictures, pictures, pictures !!!

Is generally known that one picture can substitute hundreds of words. You certainly recognize the forum is not accepting all formats, but generic picture formats are really supported.  Other file formats you can ZIP, and attach to your article - .zip is accepted.

Thread closure:

I know, at the moment the pain stops, the screaming stops as well. Many open ended threads are seen even in situation the issue no longer exists. If you solved it on your own, please share the root cause on forum, so others can learn and moderators can close the issue or at least mark it Solved. There are two consequence doing that - people they have same or similar issue can directly see the root cause and people who are going to help can recognize, their help is not needed in that case anymore. 

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