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I was trying to find information on print temperatures with Verbatims PETG from users with a Prusa printer but I didn't manage to find much. I noticed there was a profile in Prusaslicer but the test print I made came out really stringy which was really disappointing compared to all my previous prints using Prusament which was totally hassle free. I wanted to use PETG from Verbatim because it is available at the local store so I can easily pick up a roll or two when I need it. The print results got me to hesitate thinking perhaps it's better for me to just order Prusament and be done with it. I am a tinkerer but printing Prusament PETG with the i3 mk3s made me understand that I want to focus on designing and printing and not so much tinkering with the printer itself. 

However I will have a go at trying to get it tuned in to Verbatim but I am new to Prusa printers and relatively new to 3D printers in general, I had a creality ender-5 before I got my i3 mk3s and I really never got it to print PETG very well so I would really appreciate some input on what to do. 

I started out with printing some temperature towers noticing that the optimal temperature seems to be the absolute lowest in the range of recommended print temperatures for this filament (235±10 °C). I started of with a 220-260 °C tower which led me to the conclusion that 225 °C seems to be the best temperature.

So I continued with another version of a temp tower with 1 °C steps trying to narrow it down and was a bit surprised how much the difference was with just 1 °C raise in temperature, 225 °C really seems to be the sweet spot. 

The fact that it is the absolute lowest in the range of recommended temperatures together with the profile on Prusaslicer that is set to 240 °C got me hesitant.

Do you agree with my findings based on these two prints? Why is the included Verbatim PETG profile using 240 °C? Should I carry on with some stringing tests to find out if I need to tune retraction settings? Should I print with higher temperature and change some other settings?

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Posted : 04/01/2021 6:50 am
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I just realized that perhaps I should have posted this in the I3 MK3S subforum instead but I was thinking that was more for discussions about that specific printer. After reading a bit more I suspect I have drawn the wrong conclusion on where to post.

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Posted : 04/01/2021 7:09 am
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Two ideas / questions:

1) Could it be that it is a problem of moisture? Or was a new spool of filament opened and you started your print?

2) I use Verbatim filaments to - but only PLA and ABS and I have no issues with them. I don't know what you are using your printed parts for. If you have no problems with the strength of the printed parts, keep the low temperature setting. On PETG it could sometimes be very useful if you lower speed and increase part cooling, especially when printing very small details. For example the needles on the heat tower.

Best regards, Clemens

Posted : 04/01/2021 10:15 am
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It is a brand new spool of filament I opened it just yesterday and the bag was properly sealed in a vacuum bag. Thank you for your advice, so I should go with the lower settings and if I experience any problems with strength perhaps try a higher temperature and experiment with printing speed and part cooling? I print mostly functional/mechanical parts so strength is important.

Any other tests to find the optimal temperature for the filament or are the two tests I did enough? I realize that the bridging aspect of the print catches my eye the most, anything else to look for when inspecting these test prints? 

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Posted : 04/01/2021 10:29 am

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