Variable extrusion width  

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I wish the slicer could calculate a variable extrusion width for "perimeters", within user pre-set limits. Optimized to avoid gap fills and perimeter collapses.

This would help reduce alot of travel moves for gap fill when a part is made solid using many perimeters, which is probably the best way to achieve high strength. I currently have to finetune the extrusionwidth to say 0.7489, while notoriously matching it with external perimeter width of same presicion, in order to avoid gap filling. Those filler lines add stringing from retractions, time, blobs and underextrusion upon restart. Yeah, compensating with extra material on restart will mess up those travel moves that are above the trigger retraction threshold, while it cant be increased enough to actually make a difference after a long travel move.

Any thoughts on this, or am I on my own here? This is a cryout to the devs to come up with something smart! 🙂 

The pictures show the result of my fine tuning of width to avoid gap fills. They also show missing material after unretracting, as well as a strand of blob-filament string along the top. 

Cant increase my retraction any more probably due to the 2.2 bore of the prusa heatbreak. I'm considering getting an original E3D design in titanium.

Just try to make it!...
Posted : 26/06/2020 7:23 pm

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