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The Satin Sheet Thread  

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Satin Sheet

I have been impressed with it thus Far.  I have two for my Minis and one on my MK3S.  

As mentioned above, it does require a different live Z (Z Offset).  Initially, I was trciked into thinking My was dead on with the textured but my sheet required a little more (-) Z offset.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 16/10/2021 10:34 am
Daniel Cardona
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RE: The Satin Sheet Thread

Hello Everyone 

I bought the Satin Sheet as I saw some good comments on how good it is for PETG and since I am now starting to use more and more this material I decided to get the satin sheet in the hope to replace the standard PEI to print more with PETG. Unfortunately, after I made a First layer calibration from my MK3S+ Menu and what I believed was a good calibration, things didn't go as expected. After I started to my first print on the Satin Sheet I had a really hard time printing with PETG, The nozzle often will start to get with filament debris sticking on it with the consequence of ruining the first layer.

With the stock PEI Sheet, my Z height was 1.475 and with the Satin, one is 1.685, I tried another First layer calibration and with -1.685, now the first 2 or 3 lines of the calibration were adhering well so I went down to -1.700. the small square on the First layer calibration comes up quite good but when printing other larger stuff the first layer easily gets ruined.

Should I go lower than -1.700? I also used a glue stick which works very well with the PEI sheet.

Now I revert back to the stock PEI sheet as don't have enough Time in experimenting on the Satin sheet and I need my prints quickly.

I using Esun PETG Btw.

Did anyone have similar issues or may anyone care to give advice or suggestions?



Posted : 13/11/2021 11:08 pm
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