Tamiya Plastic files from PlazaJapan.com

Tamiya Plastic files from PlazaJapan.com  

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In conjunction with various grades of paper I also find files very useful for processing prints.  So far I've been using my already owned medium/standard grade needle files and normal larger sized files.  I decided I'd like another set so the others can go back in my tool bag and that smoother cut ones would be better.

I've been looking at air brushes on Plazajapan.com as they sometimes have Iwata ones on sale and can be half the price than I could buy in the UK.  Rather than dive in with an airbrush order I decided to try their service with some Tamiya plastic files.

I opted for the 10mm flat, 16mm flat and 10mm half round, I'd have tried the 6mm flat but that was out of stock. I paid less than £40 including a tracked mid price delivery option which arrived within expected timescales 16 days from ordering.  In the UK these would cost me circa £65.  Note they fall under the import duty threshold and the price I paid was the total but you should check your own countries duties.  Whilst it isn't a huge saving I felt that 3 for less than the price of 2 made them worth a try. The files arrived by Royal Mail this morning and they were well packaged and included a complimentary sheep eraser.

I haven't yet used in anger but have tried them on various parts.  So far they look to be good, they remove a reasonable amount of material but in a more smooth fashion than other files creating dust without any strands or shards of removed material. The surface is fairly smooth which could be easily refined with sand paper.  Also they don't seem to clog like a traditional file and the material wipes off the file with your finger.

Pictures of a scrap ASA part printed with 0.3 draft layer height which has a stepped rounded top surface. Just a really rough try for a minute or so, I think the surface looks worse in the photos than it actually is.


My only criticism of the flat files is that the edges are smooth without any cut so you have to use a smaller file rather than turning one through 90 degrees.  Also the half round file is arc shaped with only the outside cutting edge and does not have a flat back.

I'm not sure they are worth full UK prices but I'm very happy with them given the reduced price by ordering from Japan.  At some stage I might order the 3mm and 6mm ones too and when I do go for an airbrush I'll definitely look to one order from Plaza Japan.


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Posted : 22/04/2021 1:03 pm
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Oh man, seeing the name Tamiya brings back a rush of memories of walking down the aisle of a hobby shop surrounded by boxes with that logo on 'em. They always produced good stuff.

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Posted : 22/04/2021 5:07 pm
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Heh... Yea... Can't order Tamiya shit form anywhere but Japan and expect reasonable prices...

Like any idiot before me I too started dabbling into Airbrush via a 30.- Revell Basic Kits and tons of pressurized cartridges - WORST INVESTION EVA!!! Should immediately have gone with a proper setup using a real Airbrush Pistol and a Compressor so I went with an Aztec that kinda served me, but it wasn't great... I barely made use of the interchangeable tips and the plastic was a royal fuckin' pain in the ass to clean ( like Tupperware that was stained with Tomato Soup you'll never get it clean again and it clogged like crazy ) so before I did the next model a decade later, I finally caved in and got myself a Tamiya #74537 Spray-Work HG Airbrush Pistol on Amazon.co.jp for like CHF 72.- ( Amazon.de sells them for CHF 168.- ) and have never looked back. ( later also the larger #74802 and the smaller #74514 ones )

Some of my stuff I airbrushed with those: Tamiya #36208 Flakpanzer Gepard 1A2 / Tamiya #56016 M26 Pershing / Tamiya #56018 King Tiger / Tamiya #56020 Leopard 2A7+

Just checked the German Tamiya Store for that out-of-stock 6mm file and it costs almost 3x as much... Nuts 😑

Posted : 24/04/2021 12:23 am
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Very interesting thanks for sharing, they look great and I can't imagine the amount of hours you've put into them.  Only had a quick scan mainly looking at the photos but I'll have a read through all your info too.

I'm thinking of a pistol grip type as well, I haven't done a lot of spraying but I think I'd get along with a smaller version than the top controlled ones. Going to do a bit more research and need to organise my room and will also look at ventilation.

I've got a Japan only imported car so I'm fairly used to looking at various auction sites!

Posted : 24/04/2021 1:21 am

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