Recycling my failed prints?  

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Hi there,

I want my failed prints and filament spoils to be recycled back, but there is no specialized centre here that deals with filaments that can be recycled and put back into sale.

I am thinking about the environment and see that around 40% of my prints end up as failed for variety of reasons, and I can improve if I print same parts over and over again, but on new print designs its hard to keep the failed prints down.

So what are Prusa and other '3D print companies' doing to avoid these plastics from ending up in the oceans/environment and provide a solution and not add to the problem the 3d print community is contributing too if something is not done to curb the dump of our plastics that are not recycled which leads to harming our planet.

Reading through the manual, it talks about contacting you local recycling centre(s) but like I said this is not always the case as these centres are not capable of handling this type of material for recycling, let alone put back on sale for re-use again.

Thank you in advance

Posted : 31/12/2020 10:00 am
Gordon W
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Prusa have started injection moulding printer parts using waste and rejected filament from their factory, which is a small step. Many people who use printers would like to recycle waste, but the machinery to do so is expensive, and not economically viable for home users. 

Check out this recent thread for details of some of the options


Posted : 31/12/2020 10:53 am
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