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In a nutshell, before you speak, THINK:

T - is it True?
H - is it Helpful?
I - is it Inspiring?
N - is it Necessary?
K - is it Kind?

Bedtime story:

1. Write online, think offline. Would you ask / react the same way with same words in real life or is it just magic of online playing with your mind?

2. Don’t be evil. Be helpful, supportive and friendly. You have only one karma.

a. Did you see evil? Please, report to moderators. We speak multiple languages.

b. Did you do evil? If proven, you get 3 warnings, next time - you’re out.

3. Focus on topic. This space is to discuss 3D printing on Original Prusa printers. If your topic is not related to the previous sentence, try another platform.

4. Choose right forum. Make sure any new topic is in the correct forum, otherwise it might get moved or deleted.

5. Header is the clue. Subject of your post is the first visible part. Make it factual, short and self-explanatory. Otherwise, you end up in “What can cause this” graveyard.

6. Content is the king. Do you have issue? Describe it well, include pictures in good quality and import them directly (so they don’t magically disappear) and add your printer type, settings and other clues to help others understand (so they can help you).

7. Topic duplication. Please, first try to search for similar topics. Do not create 10th gallery or 100th “new” topic about first print issues. Find familiar topic and continue in the discussion. You may even find a solution before you even post! This saves time lifes!

8. Keep the grammar sane. We’re no grammar nazis, but your post needs to be clear to be understood and reacted on. Not feeling comfortable with your English? We have forums in 7 languages with native speaking moderators.

9. Don’t strut in borrowed plumes. Use your own images and ideas. If referring to someone else's print, please, include source. Also, don’t use / post / share any other user’s personal data. GDPR rules are for individuals too and besides, it is not polite.

10. Forum is not marketplace. Do not post any commercial offers or links. Especially links to not-related sites are forbidden. For solution see rule No.2. Linking to valid blogs and videos are on the other hand recommended as well as display of your own prints.

Have fun! Show us your great prints but also fails, because we learn best from mistakes. Prusa team chooses pictures from users to star on our social media and website. You can be there too!

Posted : 18/07/2018 12:05 pm

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