Raspberry Pi 4B 8 GB  

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Raspberry Pi 4 B is now available in an 8GB version for you over-achievers. $75.

A 64 bit OS with direct boot from USB is also in Beta.

No this does not mean I recommend it for Octoprint. But it should work. Power hungry little beast.

Posted : 28/05/2020 9:51 pm
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I just ordered one.  I'm probably not going to use it with the printer, but just to play around with.

I'm curious as to how it will perform with Retropie/Emulation Station.

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Posted : 28/05/2020 10:49 pm
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Before I buy the Pi4/8GB, I would rather equip the MK3 with a 32bit board. Has anyone ever done this before?

Statt zu klagen, dass wir nicht alles haben, was wir wollen, sollten wir lieber dankbar sein, dass wir nicht alles bekommen, was wir verdienen....
Posted : 28/05/2020 11:31 pm

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