Quantity of filament in a spool of PC CF

Quantity of filament in a spool of PC CF  

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You don't declare how long is the filament in both PC and PC CF spool, but based on declared weight and density, it's an easy computation:

PC: density 1,22 g/cm3 - weight 975 g --> 795 cm3 / 330 m of filament

PC CF: density 1,16 g/cm3 - weight 800 g --> 689,66 cm3 / 286,73 m of filament

While PC blend seems correct, as 330 meters is the value that Prusament spools can contain, I find quite strange that you are reducing so much the available filament for Carbon Fiber version, for no evident reason.

Are you (Prusa) sure that declared values are correct, including the density of 1,16 g/cm3 in the technical data sheet?

Has someone tried it already and can confirm the much shorter length of this filament? 15% less filament should be very evident just opening the spool.

Thanks a lot for the clarification.

Posted : 10/06/2021 8:42 pm
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I was told, when I asked this question in live chat it is the same length as PLA  that is 330m. This makes sense as the spool looks the same as PLA but your calcs are interesting. 

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Posted : 10/06/2021 10:51 pm
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Wouldn't it depend on density of the material? i must confess, I've become complacent relative to this, and in light of the increases in material costs, I've simply accepted it and looked for the less costly material. however I have also had to consider quality this has made a difference relative to cost and how much I have received, I defiantly don't what to pay to much.


I like the way your making me think, again about this



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Posted : 12/06/2021 12:53 am

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