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A little while ago on the Prusa forum, I was reading threads when I wondered if there was a website for sharing amazing 3D prints on Prusa printers. Not models, but just amazing prints specifically (even with post processing). I also thought this could be an interesting way to share ideas for post processing methods, filament types and tweaks, etc.

I got excited and bought I developed the front page using Laravel and half-created a Submit Model form when I found out about the Prusa Pinterest, which I had completely forgotten about and was about what I had been thinking of. Sure, Pinterest doesn't have as many print details as I would like, but it was close enough to render my little quickly conceived project unlikely, long-term, to have any significant following at all. I don't blame Prusa at all - it's just I got kind of excited at the moment, I guess.

I set to redirect to the Pinterest page. I guess I am posting this to let Prusa Research know that if they want the domain, they can have it free of charge - just have Josef or another staff member shoot me an email or DM.

Posted : 18/01/2020 4:12 am
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Posted : 06/02/2020 6:42 am

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