Prusa PC Blend Trouble.  

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Made my first print on my M3ks with Prusa PC Blend

It printed beautifully with no problems, that is with my first print. On my second (complete cooldown in between) and the z height was was off, too high. Adjusted the z and second print went great.

Switched to Prusament PLA the next day and the first layer was off again, a lot. When I looked at the pinda the holder had droooped down and the pinda was slightly crooked. I guess the high heat caused the PETG to deform. 

I must say that this is pretty disappointing. You would think that printing Prusa stuff on a Prusa printer would work.

I guess I need to print the parts out of something that can take the heat. Anyone else experience this? 

Posted : 08/11/2020 1:03 am
g monkey
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My fan shroud started to droop a bit after printing a roll of Colorfabb XT (the standard profile for this is fairly hot), so when I got some PC Blend my first prints were all of the hot end parts.  Then I rebuilt the hot end with them, then carried on printing with the PC Blend.  I also check the Z height for every filament and I find it does change a bit from PLA to PC Blend.

Posted : 09/11/2020 9:51 am

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