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Problems with print bed  

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Problems with print bed

Hi all, 

Having recent problems with my MK2, recently the prints have been bubbling on the first layer and have been going through some troubleshooting.   I started thinking that the bed was maybe not at the correct temp contrary to what the screen was saying so I put a laser probe on it, set the printer to 60 and the temps in each white squares on the board measured anywhere from 45 to 80.  I have not confirmed that my laser meter is accurate so I also began looking at other things.

Having logged 3000+ hours on this I assumed that some parts had start to wear out.  I started with the brass nozzle that came with it, replaced with an x-nozzle.  This helped a bit but was still having issues.  So I tried upgrading the firmware (also never done since 2017) from 3.0.10 to 3.2.3, all of a sudden the self test is reporting a thermistor problem.  I also stepped away during a Z calibration and it dug a hole through my bed on the right side, re ran it and it looks like the PINDA doesn't pick up some of the sense points (hitting -10 on the Z).  Moved back to 3.0.10 and although the bed is now damaged I was still able to complete a calibration and self test.  Moved to version 3.0.11 and all the calibration and test problems returned, looking through the release notes this appears to be due to added testing in the newer firmware.

At this point I have ordered a new bed (due to the damage) and am waiting for it to arrive but it looks as my current bed had been failing for some time given the thermistor errors.

Is there anything else I can test to make sure that this was indeed the problem?  Any way I can confirm the operation of the thermistor?


Posted : 31/12/2020 4:00 am