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I have an I3 mk3s. Is there a way yo assureone does not vet a  clogged up white tube. It seems like thede is no way to prevent it since when you stop printing there is still filament I NV tube. As extruder cools this will solidify.  If you say, "well, when you print again you hat up extruder so it will melt and flow."...then why do some clogs in the white tube not respond  to heating up...e rn higher than material melting point?

Posted : 19/04/2020 12:53 pm
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On Amazon you can get a roll of ESUN cleaning filament for like $15 and using the BOBSTRO method ( find a post by him and click the link in his signature to go to his website where there is all kinds of good info) has not failed me in 2 years...

after done printing for the day, I unload the filament and load and run a 16" to 18" piece of cleaning filament through the extruder.  I then shut off the heat and let it sit in the extruder like you would with filament if you dont unload it.  Then, the next time I print, I heat up and unload the cleaning filament, which sometimes pulls a bit of the old color filament out, and load printing filament and go.  Also, when switching filament types (PLA to PETG) I run some cleaning filament through and sometimes a cold pull, but lots of times do not and it is fine.

It adds a little bit of time and steps to the process, but has never failed me and is cheap clog prevention insurance.

Clogs have not been an issue for me, so try it and if it works thank Bobstro!

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Posted : 20/04/2020 5:53 pm