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Original i3 Marlin  

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Original i3 Marlin


I am new to 3d printing and just inherited from a friend an old i3 Marlin printer. I have been reading up on the web about it and got it to connect to my PC.
Now there are a few issues which I would like to clarify.

  • I installed the Arduino IDE and after connecting the USB, it appears correctly in device manager. I then connected to the printer via pronterface and managed to move the motors a bit. However after a few moves, the Arduino disappears from device manager and only unknown device is shown. Resetting or powercycling the Printer does not change anything. Only after I reboot the PC does the printer install correctly again as Arduino.
    I tried with different cables, but there is no change. Since rebooting is required, it strikes me as a computer issue and not a printer issue. Any ideas about how to resolve this?
  • Should I update the firmware? It has firmware version 1 from 2013 installed. Is there a way to retrieve the configuration.h settings from the printer in order to transfer the original settings to the new firmware version? If not, what are standard values for that printer? The board is Ramps 1.4.
  • It also came with a device that looks like a RepRapDiscount Smart Controller. Do I have to change something in the firmware to use it with the printer. It also seems as if the connectors have to be soldered to the Ramps board, correct?
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    Posted : 04/04/2018 4:20 pm
    Re: Original i3 Marlin

    Hi Berthold,

    I think your printer is different to the Original Prusa Lineup

    your printer uses a completely different controller board for starters

    I don't think there is a way to extract the settings out of the ramps board.

    Tom Sandladerer did an exercise in Prusai3,

    this may help you...
    the Ramps uses an arduino mega, these are quite inexpensive. may I suggest that you buy a spare and play with this before you make too many changes to what is already on the printer.

    this should help you confirm whether this is a computer issue or a printer issue.

    best of luck,


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    Posted : 04/04/2018 4:57 pm