New Design Machine for AutoCAD and Fusion 360
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New Design Machine for AutoCAD and Fusion 360  

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New Design Machine for AutoCAD and Fusion 360

Hello fellow designers, I recently came across a workstation for Fusion 360 that is proving to perform really well.

A little background first: I am an instructor on AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and Inventor. Also, I've been designing for several years. I like to keep my PC up to date with the latest software available, so that my design game can be at the top of its tier.


I recently found a workstation designed specifically for design work involved with Fusion 360. The workstation I'm referring to is called the Cadable X1 by Ironside. These guys pre-configure their workstations specifically for whichever design program you're using, and the machine arrives in a timely manor. You can check  out their page at . You could also just check out the specs on their workstations, to see what your PC needs to have.

The X1 has proven to be really helpful, and it has made all of my design programs run like a brand new Ferrari. I hope this info helps you in your future design work. Live long and prosper!

Posted : 30/03/2020 5:55 pm
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RE: New Design Machine for AutoCAD and Fusion 360

Think I'll stick with my 8 year old PC, thanks. (Wow, it's 8 years old and still runs everything really well!)

Asus RIVE motherboard, (custom modified BIOS)

Intel I7 3930K - Socket 2011 - Overclocked to 4.5 Ghz since 2012 (Watercooled but no overvoltage beyond spec, probably why it is still working perfectly after 8 years).

32 Gb low latency ram overclocked.

2 x 512Gb Intel SSD in RAID 0 as main drive plus another 2 SSD in RAID 0 as secondary drive.

2 x EVGA Superclocked  GTX Titan Black 6 GB Graphics cards

Windows 10 Pro

Plus other stuff all top end at the time.

Normal people believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet....
Posted : 31/03/2020 6:00 am