MMU2 and gcode from prusaprinters  

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I just added the MMU2 to my MK3S and I have a question. Can I still use gcode that was uploaded to prusaprinter? Or do I need to reslice it since I have the MMU? I want to print the LACK enclosure parts, but I was not sure if I needed to reslice them or not.

Posted : 25/11/2020 5:40 am
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I don't have the MMU, so I don't know, but since slicing only takes a couple minutes, maybe just re-slice to be safe?

Posted : 29/11/2020 12:38 am

If you use the load to nozzle feature, and load your preferred filament to the nozzle, then you can use standard Mk3 Sliced models as if the MMU was not there

If you disconnect the MMU and feed the filament directly into the extruder, you will not be able to use the filament out sensor capability, but otherwise you can treat it as a Mk3

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Posted : 29/11/2020 1:41 am

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