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MK4/XXL - Discounted MK3S+  

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MK4/XXL - Discounted MK3S+

Is it reasonable to assume that given the  extra rolls of filament currently offered with the MK3S+ kit, an announcement is imminent?

Given it could be viewed as a "discount" on the current model MK3S+, is it again reasonable to assume that the shortly coming announcement is the MK4 rather than the XL but with a smaller possibility of both?

Are we looking at a shedding of stock before the release of the MK4 and a simultaneous discontinuation of the MK3S+?

Any of this seem reasonable?



Posted : 27/09/2021 6:50 pm
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There was already a Twitter post saying the announcement was not the xl or mk4

Posted : 27/09/2021 7:16 pm
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Just as likely they're changing filament

There's already a discussion on this topic here.

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Posted : 27/09/2021 7:42 pm
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...... where IS the announcement likely to be made? Twitter? FaceBook? Instagram? I'm guessing the "official" Prusa web page, but I don't have the patience to monitor all of them with my breath bated.

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Posted : 27/09/2021 7:47 pm