Is there censorship for adult material?
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Is there censorship for adult material?  

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Is there censorship for adult material?

I have been making 3rd hand style devices for cannabis processing. Some, I'd like to share. However, I don't want to provide access to those who might be illegal somewhere. Is there a tag or special care in submitting these files?

Posted : 22/07/2021 6:35 am
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I see this item in terms of use of service:

User Content uploaded and published by the User through the Services must not violate these Terms, the Supplementary Terms, the laws of the Czech Republic, be contrary to good morals, or infringe upon the legitimate interests of the Operator. In particular, the User Content must not infringe upon the rights of the Operator, other Users and third parties, including intellectual property rights, business secrets, personal rights, personal data and good reputation, it must not be pornographic, incite violence or constitute bullying, threats, intimidation or an expression of hatred or intolerance, contain false information or harass other users. By uploading the User Content, the User undertakes that he or she has all the necessary licenses, rights and consents related to the User Content being uploaded.

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Posted : 22/07/2021 7:04 am