Is the number of collections at limited to 9 ?

Is the number of collections at limited to 9 ?  

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I am opening a new thread on top level for this question, hoping that someone from Prusa reads this and can clarify  this for me.

For days I was desperately searching for the "create new collection" button. I had created and filled nine collection already, when I found a really nice antenna design. I realized that for amateur radio, which is one of my many hobbies, I did not have a fitting collection. So without expecting any troubles, I wanted to create a tenth collection, but the button "create new collection" was gone.

Thanks to the help of another user in a separate thread, I learned that one can apparently only create nine collections.

Can anyone with insight into this feature please clarify this to me? If am really limited to nine collections, I have to organize them completely differently, in order to accommodate everything that I am interested in.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Posted : 28/06/2020 8:25 pm

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