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Hardest filament?  

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Hardest filament?

i am looking for a filament with the hardest surface finish. Any ideas? 

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Posted : 10/06/2019 9:06 pm
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RE: Hardest filament?

Nylon (e.g. Taulman 645) gives you parts that have an extremely tough surface.  They are almost impossible to sand or file.  But nylon is a little flexible, so it depends on what you are looking for.  You also have to keep nylon dry before printing.

Posted : 10/06/2019 9:41 pm
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RE: Hardest filament?

If it's just about the surface, then stainless-steel filled PLA will be hard to scratch - the steel particles will protect the PLA to a degree. If you're looking for a super stiff filament, then filaments filled with carbon fiber will do, starting with nylon, then polycarbonate and if you have a really big wallet, then carbon-filled PEKK is the ultimate filament in most aspects, including hardness/stiffness.

Posted : 10/06/2019 10:13 pm
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RE: Hardest filament?

Voj: Which of the PEKK's have you printed with? And any photos of the final surface quality?

Posted : 11/06/2019 12:02 am
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RE: Hardest filament?

Check out this paper, it is normally used for supports due to its chemical properties but depending on the loading scenario HIPS could be a good option.

Posted : 17/07/2019 12:15 am