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Extruder Assembly Look Familiar?  

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Extruder Assembly Look Familiar?

Hi everyone.


Does this extruder assembly look familiar to anyone? I’ve been browsing thingiverse for a couple hours now with no luck. Are there any other libraries I could look into? This is a secondhand printer and I don’t have the same files as the original owner to reproduce parts. The bearing housing that opposes the extruder bolt broke on me today and I need a workaround to get the printer back and running.


This is off a Prusa i3 v2 I believe... similar to the Q" target="true">reprap guru’s printer available on amazon.


I would also love to see suggestions for other extruder assemblies (including the x-axis carriage and stepper motor mount) if I’m unable to find these parts or jerry-rig this thing to work for a few prints. 


thanks for the help!


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Posted : 30/11/2019 11:42 pm
RE: Extruder Assembly Look Familiar?

the problem is, that you have no idea what extruder you have, so you have no idea what hobbed gear you have. 
you have a number of options
Assuming you have an E3D v6 extruder module, 

1, but a pair of Bondtech gears and print a set of Mk2.5 extruder parts to use with them ( )

2, buy an extruder like the E3D range

3, Buy a Bondtech Extruder

4, Buy an extruder from Ali Express or Ebay

trying to print an extruder set to match an unknown hobbed gear, is a fools errand. 

regards Joan

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Posted : 01/12/2019 12:04 am