Debugging/troubleshooting windows applications without source code

Debugging/troubleshooting windows applications without source code  

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A few days back I faced this problem at work and I was wondering is there a way to mint out more data from the scenario than to go to Microsoft. There has been many cases like this and I wanted to explore that as a windows developer what is the best /optimum way to fetch most of info is such case. I ll describe the situation:

1) An office application, while printing with certain settings ,involving cmyk color space, throws up a dialog box error which has a bad description."File %s could not be opened because it is locked by some other application". It does not give a file name nor does the event viewer. Printing is aborted.

2) on using "procmon", we find "file locked error" on several files when the api "CreatefileMapping" is called by involved processes like the office app, the spooler , the splwow64.exe(yes its a 64 bit system and the app is 32 bit).

3) the problem is not there when there is no splwow64 is involved, means using 64 bit app on 64 bit os.

I want to know that which tools will be useful for getting more info in such situations. This includes use of MS symbols with windbg and debugging assembly if needed. Basically i need the file name that is locked , which is shown as %s and the root of the problem.

Posted : 22/01/2021 6:01 am
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You might want to try something like Stack Exchange for questions like this.

Posted : 22/01/2021 10:23 am

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