Could I use a drawing tablet for 3D modelling?

Could I use a drawing tablet for 3D modelling?  

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I hear graphic tablet is most useful for 3D modelling , sculpting and texture painting.
Well i am interested in buying a XP-Pen display tablet ( Artist 24 Pro 24" model ). Has anyone used a graphics tablet successfully on Blender , Zbrush or other software? What was your experience?

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Posted : 14/10/2020 10:59 am
Gordon W
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Many people use a graphic tablet, especially if they have a 'traditional' background like drawing on paper. I tried using one many years ago and found it didn't work for me, but I'm not an artist. Unfortunately I think this is a situation where it depends on how YOU find using a tablet and not other peoples experience.

Other people who do use tablets may well be able to add suggestions on how they use it in their creative process.

Posted : 14/10/2020 12:52 pm
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For organic modelling I prefer to use Forger on my iPad. Same thing applies to any painting with Affinity programs.  In Blender (or any other parametric design programs) I use a mouse. Because there I usually move stuff around, type numbers and click on buttons.

For my hobby level usage this setup works best for me.

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Thank you for sharing article and information.This worked perfectly, thanks . . .

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