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Change email address in account  

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Change email address in account

I need to change my email address and saw under "Manage Account" that its not possible.

Is there really no way to do this? Its 2021.. Surely changing email addresses is not exactly rocket science?

I will loose access to my old email address soon, so not being able to change it is not ideal.


Can anyone help? Mods or Admin perhaps??

Posted : 01/09/2021 1:15 pm
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I would ask @JoanTabb.  Send her a Private Message and she can probably direct you.  She is a moderator that is often very helpful.

Chuck H
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Posted : 02/09/2021 12:30 am

This matter should be resolved soon. 

Regards Joan

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Posted : 03/09/2021 10:20 am
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same email problem

I too have to change my email address. I did not see any way to do that in my account profile. Is it possible to change my email without having to create another account?

Thank you very much for any help.

arlene felton

Posted : 23/10/2021 1:19 am
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Topic starter answered:

Sorry ASF I missed this.

The address change was a Nightmare.. Even Prusa didn't know it couldn't be done

They first directed me to the store (not forum) to make the change but there was no option.. Then they asked me to create a NEW account and tried to transfer my old profile over.. But this resulted in me having TWO accounts, neither of which had any history.

They then restored my old account and worked with their web designers who finally got it sorted...

It took weeks and clearly there isn't a way to do this by default, so proceed with caution...

I have been surprised how many web sites do not allow an email address change (perhaps as many as 20%)..  And some of the 80% that do, make it really difficult.. For example, sending an email to your old address first.. Which makes sence UNLESS you have lost access to your old address...

But I am sorted now.. I would create your own post as this triggered the MODs (THanks Joan) to help. Good luck.

Posted : 27/10/2021 10:24 am