Can’t get infill to work  

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Can’t get infill to work. I’m using cura4.3 and no matter what I put the infill percentage at, i always get a solid. Ive confirmed it’s not just a viewing error, the object actually prints solid. Is it the cura software settings or the file itself? Can someone try and get this file to show up with infill on their software? A screenshot of the solid object despite infill is attached. The actual girl is in the google drive link.


Posted : 09/10/2019 8:27 pm
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People use Cura all day long, so it's a user issue.  And more helpful is posting an image of the failed part, and a post of the project exported from Cura so others can review what you've done.


However, these sorts of things, especially on organic models, is most often a problem with the model: multiple shells, improperly formed faces and normals (geometric vertices tags); intersecting shells, etc.

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Posted : 09/10/2019 11:01 pm

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