Silicon Cast Forms for SNES D-Pad

Silicon Cast Forms for SNES D-Pad  

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I wondered if it would be possible to cast a replacement for an old SNES controller. These rubbers have four button  contact pads which are responsible for the tactile feedback of the Controller D-Pad as well as triggering the Butten. The haptic feedback is generated with a cone that has 0,4mm wallthickness which kinks when you press the putton and afterwards springs back.

I actually was very shure this project would fail because of the low tolerances you have, given the 0,4mm wallthickness and a two part mold. But what do you now, it worked! Besides me placing the risers and inlet for the silcone not optimal it came out as a very nice proof of concept.

Here is an overview of the three molds printed with a 0,25mm Nozzle.

Black: PLA, 0,1mm

Clear: PLA 0,05mm

Red: PETG, 0,1mm

The Clear Parts on the Bottom are the injection molded ones, the brown one is the original. I damaged two as i opened the mold because the risers tore to hard on the thin walls.

The Molds were screwed together with M3 Screws and sealed with a o-ring strip. I injected the silicone with a syringe, that worked very well.

Here are some Makro Shots of the Mold parts and the resulting parts:

I am already sorry for the bad image quality but i could not get my phone to focus on a clear Silicon part...

I printed these parts with my MK2 and created the CAD Modell with FreeCAD. I could not resist creating this post because i find it so awesome that my MK2 can hold the tolerances neccessary for this project. 🙂

Posted : 11/10/2019 1:34 pm

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