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For those of you that enjoy a challenge, here is a print that I have been struggling with for weeks:

It's a Darth Vader ring. I have not been able to get a finished print using Slic3r no matter what I tried. I have managed to get a complete print using CraftWare, but the quality is not great. I'm trying to print at 50 microns.

If anybody can get a nice print of this please share your settings and bask in the glory!

Posted : 16/02/2017 7:01 pm
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Boahhh, you're crazy.

Why are these files so big ? 😯

OK, will give it a try if some filament is left on the spool. By the way, rotate it by -80° in x-axis.

I made one for you 😉

This is maybe an candidate for some acetone-smoothing !


Posted : 16/02/2017 8:32 pm
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50 micron PLA 80 mins.

Posted : 18/02/2017 5:53 am
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So, finally getting back to this. I printed mine standing up!

Never got Slic3r to do it though. This is from CraftWare.

Posted : 11/05/2017 9:48 pm

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