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Got a new digital piano, you would think a $700 piano would come with something nicer than a $10 square block foot pedal but nope..

Found one on thingiverse and it works fine, printed in PETG, contacts are just pieces of copper wire.  Sure you can buy generic ones for $25 but this works just as well for practically no cost.

My old stand was too tall so I built one for this new piano.  I designed and printed 4 brackets to link the stand and piano, not really needed but they make moving it as one piece much easier, otherwise when you go to lift the piano it comes off the stand.

In case anyone is curious about the stand:


Piano is a Roland FP30, I went bit crazy getting something so expensive, considering I haven't played in over 20 years and pretty much have to start over, but I couldn't help it when I felt the keys and heard how good it sounded, it's like pressing real grand piano keys...

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Posted : 08/12/2020 2:12 am
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