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For some time now, powerful 3D printers have been affordable for private individuals as well unfortunately most of what is available for private people to print on platforms such as Thingiverse is mostly toys these technologists can already do more today though. Especially when you combine 3D printing with standard parts, semi-finished products and simple electronic assemblies. And I think it's time to take the size project to the next level and start making production machines. But to scale the whole thing, the blueprints have to be open source. Open source means that the source code in this case of hardware the construction drawings and CAD models are public so anyone can copy them, modify them and distribute them. Customer and developer are the same person, so only the material costs are paid. This has the advantage that everyone who wants to can participate in the development and that certain messes like planned obsolescence, patented or overpriced spare parts are no longer possible. It can also be built as long as someone wants it. And it is not possible to impose a new product on someone by taking the old one off the market. But in order to release everything open source I needed the copyright so I drew everything from scratch. This year I worked for a company for 10 years and I wanted to develop something directly for the people - OwnPlant is the result. I do this more out of idealism to get people to build something themselves so they appreciate this ability again and to give them a reason to buy a 3D printer.

With the OwnPlant i pursue the goal to bring at least a little bit of nature to city people. The OwnPlant is the world's first open source outdoor growbox.
It was developed especially for growing in very small spaces so that everyone can grow no matter how small their balcony without disturbing their neighbours. It was also designed to be as easy as possible to produce. And to make sure that in 10 years I can still build the same way and that it is easy to repair. It has a high-quality and therefore very quiet ventilation system. By doing without an LED lamp, the power consumption has been reduced by about 95%, which makes it unbeatable in terms of environmental protection and operating costs compared to the competition. It has a 50L pot and has a volume (without pot) of 155L when the ventilation is switched on, it changes the air about every 8 seconds so that it always has an outside temperature when the ventilation is switched on. No complicated cultivation methods are needed, only plants that start to flower automatically Plant and Play. No matter what else may come the supply of your favorite plant you can now ensure independent of governmental paternalism and industrial additives. Since you are now the owner of your own means of production. You are also independent of spare part producers because almost only standard parts are used and therefore it is to be assumed that they will be available for a long time and before all the others. All print parts are available for you to download free of charge as STL and all necessary drawings and instructions. It was designed to be creative for extensions and backwards compatible upgrades. As each part is freely available, it is possible for everyone to implement their own ideas and share them.

In a short time I will publish an upgrade with which it will be possible to heat it

Posted : 02/06/2020 9:52 am