Model wind turbine  

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This will go on an O scale model railroad, but it is much smaller than true scale. 

I realized soon after I started the project that if I made it to true O scale (1:48) it would absolutely tower over everything else and look badly out of place.  These things in real life are HUGE!

It really works, or rather it rotates to simulate operation.  No, it will not generate electricity.  🙂

The model itself is a remix and re-scale of a static nonworking model from one of the usual suspect sites.  I added the mechanics and electronics to make it rotate.  The base box is printed using the Cura 'fuzzy skin' option.

It uses a stepper motor in the base to drive a vertical shaft, and a gearbox (pictured, lowest photo) at the top to drive the blade assembly.

A 555 timer generates the clock signal to run it and a few LS TTL chips convert it to the four overlapping stepper driver signals.  A 7805 regulator and diode bridge allow it to be powered and controlled with the conventional 12 volt or so AC used for track and accessory power.

(Click on the top photo for a full view.  The preview displayed in the message is severely cropped.)

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Posted : 08/12/2020 6:33 pm
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Yet another beautiful jsw release - you should get payed for doing thuis. 

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Posted by: @oxygen

Yet another beautiful jsw release - you should get payed for doing thuis. 

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

However, in this life (retired) I'm gonna be doing what I want, not what generates $$$$$.  Been there, done that!  😉

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Again a great project 👍 

I think it's more fun if you don't have to earn money doing it.

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Awesome.  I need about a million of them hooked to gnerators to go off the grid.  Great print.  

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Oooo.. STL files, wiring diagram and bom would be nice. Pretty please! 😉 


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When I get some time I'll write this up and make a .zip of it and post it.  I will have to draw out the schematic, although it's extremely simple.  555 timer driving a counter and some simple logic that gives the four inputs to a generic stepper motor controller board.  Logic was done on one of those Adafruit perf boards that you sometimes get free as a throw-in to an order.

If you are in a hurry, PM me and I will share the .stl files as-is.

Posted : 15/01/2021 6:11 pm

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