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Metal Gear Rex  

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Metal Gear Rex

So something I've wanted to make since before I bought my printer is a small Metal Gear Rex. I found several different 3D models online, and one in particular was just a great starting point. I modified it in blender and improved it in some places. Then figuring out the best ways to print the parts, and how to support them properly etc. I learned a lot doing this print!


He's fully pose-able and articulate.

So yeah, hope this is worthy of a Hall of Fame, I'm really proud of how good it came out 😊 



This project is a stepping stone to building a much larger one, which will contain some electronics.

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Posted : 25/10/2021 9:25 pm
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Nice results!  

Chuck H
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Posted : 26/10/2021 10:34 am
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