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Here's my latest project I finished that was bothering me for quite a while.

What you're looking at is an off the (Amazon)shelf 12V Pump housed together with a USB-C PD Trigger Board in a partially 3D Printed and CNCed housing allowing me for a quick transfer of IPA from the Storage Tank to a Formlabs Form Wash and back ( instead of using the supplied handpump 🙄 )

Video of the Pump during the first Testrun.

Posted : 29/03/2021 9:53 pm
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Just be careful to mount it so that, if there is a leak, inflammables are isolated from components that may spark; eg motors.


Posted : 30/03/2021 9:36 am
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What impact does IPA have on the seals in the pump? I know from expererience that IPA can eventually break down certain types of rubber.  Just some food for thought as I see it is a water pressure pump so possibly worth reviewing the seal types.

Would not want said pump turning into a flamethrower.

Tank you very much!...
Posted : 30/03/2021 11:47 am
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Hmm... Fair arguments! I haven't actually checked the suitability of the pump for use with IPA.

The pumps are generally listed as ignition protected and reading further into the product details it looks like the Santoprene Diaphragm being the only thing at risk with a minor effect ( midfield ) for Alcohols while the EPDM Seals are listed with a satisfactory ( no higher rating than that ) for use with IPA.

I guess the Acrylic lid will come in handy a lot more for safety inspections than just for aesthetic reasons 😉

Should probably have gone with a Peristaltic Pump instead but the ones I could find had atrocious flow ratings... I'd be sitting there for even longer than when handpumping the IPA from one container to the other...

Posted : 30/03/2021 8:06 pm

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