HEPA Covid Coronavirus Face Mask
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HEPA Covid Coronavirus Face Mask  

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HEPA Covid Coronavirus Face Mask

My Prusa is hard at work (so much so that I'm ordering spare fans:), printing masks for the extended family and neighbours. Feel free to check out the design, improve, modify, share...


Also, anyone with technical/medical knowledge and the will to chip in with talent and eventually 3D printing capabilities, please join "Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies" group on facebook


Important! Note that most HEPA filetrs are not very effective against Coronavirus, since the most common size is .3 microns, when the Coronavirus is said to be .1 micron in size.
That said, even a lower quality filter prevents the wearer from spreading droplets around.

Two sizes included; 10 and 12 cm height.

This mask is, presuming you change filtration material, or is the filtration material heat-resistant, REUSABLE!

If you do not have a HEPA filter on hand, you can also use other filtration material, just be careful that the entire airflow is channeled through the filter. For greatest protection, use hot glue or silicon gel to further secure the filter material to the edges of the frame.

The filter we used on the picture, is from a car air filter! We recommend that you use the best filter available to you.



No supports needed!! for PLA select 20% infill, for ABS and PETG (which I recommend, because of thermal resistance -> high temperature disinfection options) is 15% enough.

We recommend an acetone finish, should you choose ABS. The goal is to make the material as smooth as possible, which should help with disinfection.

Posted : 15/03/2020 12:59 pm
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RE: HEPA Covid Coronavirus Face Mask

this 2 things looks promising too.



Good news! Yet another challenge! I just tried PLA with Cotton Cloth. It's pretty good! Use Slic3r to cut out the base 0.2mm of the main face plate STL, print with layer height 0.1mm on top of cotton cloth. Inlet/outlet cover may not fit because it was base on flexible. So scale up by 2% and use hairdryer to fit. Let's try and report a made by you soon!

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Posted : 16/03/2020 6:26 am
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RE: HEPA Covid Coronavirus Face Mask

This topic is so necessary for us at this difficult moment. I still do not dare to print a mask for myself. I still trust the usual one-time masks. Who used it, how are you? Is it worth doing?

Posted : 19/03/2020 10:59 am