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Hello everyone, I was looking for universal beam/frame generator for lego until I made one from basic idea of bunch of folks before me. From simple straight beam, they created shapes. I made more shapes, added layers sky (sorry printer) high, added horizontal holes, ability to fill the bottom to resemble original plates. I plan to do even more as my target is walking bipedic robot that makes it up to the stairs - thus I need very different parts than lego makes. It works, it can replicate functional equivalent of most lego original beam pieces and much more.

Frame for dual EV3 mindstorms control unitEven small bricks able to connect beams together are cool


Please let me know what abilities would you see useful. I need to do big tidy up of the code and with it I will have to make decisions that will settle the ground for further expansion. So before that I need to realize where is the limit of improvements to make it best.


Yeah, code is not very readable now, not consistent in variable naming or passing. Thats why big tidy up is needed.

Project page on Prusaprinters

Project page on thingiverse



Posted : 19/04/2021 10:46 pm
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