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Help with PETG and Cura  

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Help with PETG and Cura

I purchased the PETG Signal White and am using Cura, but I am having trouble with getting the print right. After a couple of days, this is the best I can get the XYZ Cube. If anyone could assist, I would greatly appreciate your advice. 

Posted : 29/08/2020 10:37 pm
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RE: Help with PETG and Cura

Please use prusaslicer and objetos very prety

Posted : 29/08/2020 10:47 pm
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RE: Help with PETG and Cura

I use Cura as kind of a backup slicer to Prusaslicer when it does not do what I expect, however, I don't remember using  Cura for any PETg, so take this with a grain of salt.

The one thing I found out when using Cura with the MK3S is that some of the speeds, particularly the first layer speeds, are much too fast.  I'm not on the machine that I slice on right now, so I can't do a comparison.

If you will post the .stl file for your cube (you will need to enclose it in a .zip for the forum to accept it) I'm willing to do a test print sliced with Cura and print it in PETg to see if I get the same results.

Posted : 30/08/2020 2:38 pm
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RE: Help with PETG and Cura

Hey, JSW. I agree with you.

Posted : 24/09/2020 8:35 am