COVID shield print issue after change of nozzle

COVID shield print issue after change of nozzle  

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Hi, I’ve been printing the face visors and have recently changed the nozzle.  I’m using the same GCODE as before but now it fails regularly, like below;

I’ve  used Different cheaper filament but this current batch is Prusament PETG (great value at present)

I’ve reset the calibration, checked everything is clean, tight and lubed.  I have used other filament to print some basic PETG items, no issues it’s just these visors, from the original GCODEs and  even new sliced versions have problems too.

I had flashed with the new firmware, and upgraded PrusaSlicsr to 2.2.0, So thought that may be the issue, but I’ve generated a new set of files, with the 3mf files from

I’ve had no issues until recently though I did have to replace my thermistor after a failure And subsequent disentangle of the “blob” from the print head managed to Break the wires 🙁

 I’m on the last batch of visors, after so far producing and giving away over 700. So any guidance will be great fully received. 

Posted : 03/06/2020 8:36 pm
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Give the bed a clean under the kitchen sink with hot water and plain Dawn dish soap or your local equivalent. Use a clean paper towel to scrub it and another to dry it. Do nothing else. Avoid touching the print area. Do a quick Live-Z calibration and you should be all set. The PEI surface is very sensitive to any grease, and I see some definite smudges on your print surface. 91%+ isopropyl alcohol is fine for a lightly contaminated bed, but the sheer volume of water used in a wash ensures any remaining grease is washed away, not just moved around.

If you're still having issues (sorry, not clear if the new nozzle is the same type and size or not) then post again with an update and we can try some other settings. If you still get those extrusions popping loose and pulling across the band, try bumping temps 5C or so. 

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Posted : 04/06/2020 6:37 am
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Thanks.  I’ll give it a try.  For info, the “strings” happen at layer 4 or 5 and can get worse if I leave it.  The nozzle is the same size and type.  I’ll try the extra heat if it happens again, though it’s running high anyway (265) due to the 3mf file settings for the visor.

Posted : 04/06/2020 8:06 am
James Fitts
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Looking great!

Posted : 20/09/2020 10:13 am

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