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Thing change after a long print  

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Thing change after a long print
Okay, I have a Prusa Mini and I did get it second hand (I think the guy was a reviewer). I got this around feb-ish. Sorry for any bad English, I am dyslexic and sometime miss spelling mistake.
I have been getting a lot of problem. It been one of those fine something works till it stops. At the start the printing was working fine and then it stopped... It started over extrusion and then top sticking, anyway all of thing happened and I been playing with it off and no.
I decided this week (30th of march) I would try and sort it out. So i started from fresh and reset everything and even put a new PTFE tube in (from the spares) and i got the level sensor at the right level to. I started off with sorting out the e steps and make sure it was extruding the right amount. The z offset was a bit lower than expected (-300) up I was getting really good squished base and nice and smooth, so all good. I sorted out the xyz steps and the multiplier.
Today I did a 3h print of some holder for the power supply and I WAS so happy because it final is working and printing like it should apart from is issue ( )
I decide to print another xyz cube because get the filament setting a little better and that print wasn't great but I thought that most of been the setting RIGHT? all of a sudden I was setting clogs and the bowden was ripping into the filament. WHAT FUN!!!! Not to end it there, the z offset decided to change from -300 to -700.
It is printing as I type and it looks like its back to normal after checking the hotend (didn't feel like it changed high) and sensor, resetting the z offset.
So my question is what the hell happened and why has the z offset changed so much? what happened in general for this to happen?
Posted : 04/04/2020 10:40 am
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RE: Thing change after a long print

Judging from what you are saying and what I have read from others there is a problem with the MINDA probe. It is affected by the temperature. It does not have temperature compensation so this means that when you are printing and doing bed leveling from a cold start the values are going to be different than when doing bed leveling after another print with a warm heatbed.

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Posted : 05/04/2020 4:44 pm