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Starting to get stringy failing prints  

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Starting to get stringy failing prints

Hello,  I could use some help with diagnosing my problem here.

I have had my printer for about 3 weeks now and currently I am using Prusa PLA (and the samples given in the box) to be making my prints. A couple of days ago the prints have began to get stringy to the point where it would get clogged and stop extruding out the filament. After cancelling out the print and purging the extruder head the clog that was in there seemed to have cleared itself out and I was able to get it successfully starting a print again only for it to get clogged up again after maybe 5 mins or so of print time. Then once again I would purge out the nozzle and try printing again which would succeed in what looks to clear out the clog and I can start printing again.


This cycle has continued for the last 5 or so attempts. I have looked into this a little bit and it seems like heat creep might have have something to do with this but I am not to sure myself being new at this still. Also I have read somewhere that PLA just might be susceptible to this but it seems like I have done something that caused this but I can't figure out what is causing it. 


Does anybody have an idea on what could be causing this? If it can be avoided I would like to solve this without dismantling the extruder head. I have some PETG that I want to use for an up coming print (Prusa mini base) but I would like to get this situation sorted out before I start that project. 

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Posted : 19/06/2021 1:53 am
RE: Starting to get stringy failing prints

Do you use Prusa PLA or Prusament PLA? both have different print/ filament profiles. 

Can you please describe your issue according to this guide? We want to help you, you have to tell us ... – General discussion, announcements and releases – Prusa3D Forum (

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