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Second first print is horrible  

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Second first print is horrible

Two months ago I assembled my mini and after overcoming a few problems it printed nearly perfect. Really, unbelievably good, I printed about 6 things, a benchy included, and the results were great. Then after a couple of days working the hotted fan stopped working and due to technical issues I only yesterday got and assembled the new fan. Now every print I do starts ok and then after 10 minutes some part gets disconnected from the bed and moves and everything becomes a stringy mess.

HELP please! What info should I supply to pinpoint the problem?

Posted : 24/10/2021 11:27 am
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I assume you got new fan that's identical to original (5V, 8000 rpm max) and that it's connected properly. In this case I think, it's just a coincidence that you have this new problem right now.
I would just check "usual suspects".. make sure first, that bed is clean and filament dry.
Next thing that could happen (at least my theory), depends on at what point your fan died. If fan stops working at the middle of the print, then the temperature inside heatbreak (at the coldend side) will start to raise quite fast and so it's possible, that the filament melts inside PTFE tube. Maybe you should take hotend apart and check if everything is ok inside.

Just sharing my thoughts

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Posted : 24/10/2021 11:55 am
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The three common reasons for prints suddenly failing after a printer has been unused for a while:

A dirty print bed.  Give it a really thorough clean and avoid touching the print area.

Damp filament.  Look up threads here about drying filament especially if it has been left open.

General neglect, dust and cobwebs...  Basic cleaning, lubrication and general maintenance have all ben missed.  See:


Posted : 24/10/2021 1:49 pm
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so far so good

Thanks for your advice. Because it looked more like bad adhesion I started by cleaning the print bed thoroughly. I couldn't find IPA 90% so I used medicinal 70% alcohol. Did a couple of easy prints and so far so good 🙂

Posted : 25/10/2021 12:33 pm
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Dish soap

If you are still having adhesion problems, try washing your sheet with a small amount of dish washing detergent. IPA doesn't cut the grease from fingerprints as well as soap. Also make sure your alcohol is pure IPA. Some products have additives that will defeat the purpose. 

Posted : 25/10/2021 12:40 pm
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Thanks. Actually the 70% alcohol I used works flawlessly. However only when I wipe with paper, and not when I wipe with microfiber towel 🙄

Posted : 01/11/2021 10:33 am
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Microfiber towels can have treatments on them and can hinder cleaning.  

Posted by: @gald33

Thanks. Actually the 70% alcohol I used works flawlessly. However only when I wipe with paper, and not when I wipe with microfiber towel 🙄


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Posted : 01/11/2021 10:36 am