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Problems with contour ...  

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Problems with contour ...

Helo I hawe a problem with printing big stuf as you can se on te photos.

There are some bugs from the design but the thing that i am the moust cosernd is the part with 2 uper rows of windows the shell is broken weak and tereble looking. i will probobly use some paste and sand paper to make it look good. But for future i was cerious what can i do to prewent it from happening. i was using the orange filament from this set and pre configured setings for pla in prusa slicer and on prusa mini. Using suports and without the skirt.

Before the print i did 2 cold pulls becouse i was changing from petg to pla.

I really aprisheate if you could tell me whats the problem 

Szymon Grabowski form poland

Also sorry for miss spelling and bad gramar... 😐 




Posted : 22/05/2021 11:52 am
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RE: Problems with contour ...

It looks a bit like the nozzle is clogging or the extruder isn't pushing filament well. 

You could try slowing down the print speed, or increasing nozzle temp.

Posted : 22/05/2021 6:44 pm
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RE: Problems with contour ...

Definitely underextrusion.  Do a cold pull and clear the clog. 

Chuck H
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Posted : 23/05/2021 12:10 pm