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Prints not at a perfect 90° angle  

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Prints not at a perfect 90° angle

Hi guys,

I constructed a case that consists of 2 separate parts that are in a basic rectangular shape. Both parts will be screwed together in the end. The problem with what I'm currently stuck: The right corners of both parts are not in a perfect 90° angle. The other 3 corners are perfect and precise. Therefore it's not possible to align both parts perfectly. It's printed with Prusament PLA with the Prusa profile in PrusaSlicer. I tried everything from changing different settings, layer height, re-calibrating, changing filament...

Do you guys have any idea what could the cause for this behavior? It's hard to explain, so maybe the images will help.

Thanks for any tipp or advice.


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Posted : 30/06/2021 6:15 pm