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Flow rate super low, stops extruding mid-print  

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Flow rate super low, stops extruding mid-print

Brand new Mini+ kit, and way too many issues than it should be having. The flow rate is super low, I have it at 1.1 on Slic3r and 125 on the printer itself to not have gaps between the solid infill. Now it wouldn't even finish the first layer before it will jam and stop printing. The extruder gears are full of filament dust. First cold pull came out clean, so it's not that. I have tried messing with the tensioner by the motor, but that hasn't done anything at all, but that's my best guess as to why it's messed up. We've has an i3 mk3 for over 3 years now so I know how to work these things, but this has me stumped. On top of all that I'll probably need to reassemble the bed system because it's lower in the front than the back by quite a bit.

Basically I'm asking how to fix this flow rate, which is horrible, and what to do to stop this thing from jamming. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Posted : 26/04/2021 1:35 am