Filament not sticking well to other filament/stringing...

Filament not sticking well to other filament/stringing...  

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Hi all:

I recently purchased a Prusa Mini. Have been an Ender 3 guy for a couple years now. I had this Prusa Mini dialed in and it has been creating very good prints for our company for about a week. My son came home from college and messed with the Prusa slicer. I then started working on it and it crashed. Bottom line is I lost all of the settings I had dialed in. 

Now the prints are very stringy and the filament is not sticking to filament that is already down. This is not a first layer issue. That seems fine with the test. Although even that seems to fail because the last square hardly gets created because each string of filament is almost independent. 

I do know the filament is good. I also have tried several other rolls and am getting the same results. This filament is also printing fine on my Ender printers. I also know that when things were printing well, the following was true:

temp:200c, bed:60c, layer height .1mm

What I can't remember were the speed overrides and retraction settings. I have tried a half a dozen different iterations and am getting very similar results. This printer has been modified to have a NozzleX .25 nozzle. We need to print in very deep detail. I have updated the Extruder1 parameter to match that nozzle size. Otherwise this Prusa Mini is stock.

Attached are a couple of pictures. What I will say is the pieces I print seem weak. It is like the layers are not sticking to one another. I know that is usually associated with temp, but I know I had outstanding prints with the 200/60 parameters. This is also the temp I print with on the Enders.

Some other things I have done..

1) reinstalled the Prusa Slicer (ver 2.2.o)

2) Taken out the nozzle and made sure it was very clean. I really don't think I have a clogging problem (that I can tell)

3) printed 20mm calibration cube. Measures almost perfectly.


This was like a lightswitch issue. One print was perfect. Then I had to "recreate" my project and all of the prints since then have been horrible. Leads me to believe it is a Slicer issue.

If anyone has a project file I could start with that is dialed into very high quality prints at the line height (or even slightly less) I would be open to trying that.

Thanks in advance for any and all help! Love this forum btw.

Pic showing the lack of filament adhesion I was able to just peel this back with my fingers (cube pic).



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Pictures may help.  

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I did include a picture. But I do have an update. I increased the temp by 10c and that seems to have made a significant difference. I can only guess at this point there was some speed parameter that countered the previous lower temp?

But this is just for the cube tests. Just put a more difficult job on the printer to see the impact of the higher temp.


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temperatures on 3D printers are indicative, and not necessarily accurate.   this is why we print Temperature towers, to get an indication how a particular printer responds with a particular filament at a particular set of indicated temperatures. 
If you know anyone with multiple printers they will probably say that to get the best out of each printer, you really need to use different settings... 
(even if they are notionally identical printers)
regards Joan

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