Extruder clogging and extruding. Have to print higher temps then normal to be successful.

[Solved] Extruder clogging and extruding. Have to print higher temps then normal to be successful.  

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Maybe someone can help me better with my issue. I'm having to print various brands of PLA at higher temperatures. When I first got my mini it was printing great then on PLA it started clogging and clicking so I swapped filaments and same issue. My only solution so far is to increase the temperature up by 15-20C higher then what is recommended on the filament. Example, I'm printing using a fresh just opened Esun PLA+(205-225) right now at 240C to get it to print. It started clicking at 225 so once I raised temperature to 235 it cleared and continued extruding. Things I've tried from observing the forums:

1. Loosened the three grub screws and pushed the heat break up further into the assembly. I've changed out the ptfe tube in the heat break. 

2. Loosened the nozzle about a milimeter from the heater block and adjusted the heat break to make contact and torqued back together (while heated). 

3. Removed extruder assembly and cleaned out. 

4. Adjusted off set .3mm from bed incase I was printing to close and this started a sticking issue so I lowered back to my original setting. 

Only thing I haven't replaced is the nozzle itself but I've only had the printer for maybe 2 months with light printing(2-3 models a week maybe).

If theres something I can add or missed please let me know. I'd rather have to not compensate  +15C everytime I print and get it back to running original.   

Thank you.  

Posted : 27/11/2020 10:41 pm
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I wanted to add I've been using the generic profiles to get a base line and tune the temp as needed.
I decided to try PETG using the generic profile in prusaslicer and it is printing a benchy just fine... Extremely odd.  

Posted : 27/11/2020 11:03 pm
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your experience mirrors mine, although i found 230 was fine for basica pla, and the bed at 65.

Once i swapped over to petg, it ran at stock temps no problem and shifting back to pla i could print at 220, but had to increase to 230 mid spool.

I started using some cleaning filament between changes and i can't tell if it was just going up to petg or using the cleaner but since doing both the printer seems more stable and predictable.

Part of my extruder troubleshooting also had me reduce the infill speeds to 40mm/s and increase the retraction to 5, the former of the two setting changes evened out thelarge flat area fills which were clicking at speed, the retration improved stringing at the higher temps.

Posted : 28/11/2020 1:51 pm
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I believe I've figured it out. When I was changing out the ptfe tube in the heat break I didn't follow the manually correctly. I didn't back the compression fitting off by 1/4 turn before pushing the heater up. So therefore I didn't have a compressed tube. In turn this caused filament to build up just under the tube and was actually clogging as to why I had to use higher temp to get it to push through. I'll print some more benchys in my various filaments to test. 

Posted : 28/11/2020 10:34 pm
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