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Clicking sounds from the extruder + nozzle issues  

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Clicking sounds from the extruder + nozzle issues

Hey there,

I printed couple of prints but today I started hearing a weird clicking sound from the extruder.

I followed the guides online and checked for clogged filament but everything looked good - no stuck filament what so ever.

For some weird reason, whilst printing, it seemed like the extruder doesn't push the filament in the correct speed (it was a feeling of mine) causing filament to go out slower then it should, and sometimes no filament was going out of the nozzle at all, as if nothing pushed it.

When purging, the filament goes out of the nozzle in a slow but steady rate (even when tried to purge 5 times) - no clicking sound occurred. When I tried to unload the filament, it looked as it was punctured/damaged with scratch marks. Once when tried to unload the filament, it got stuck - some kind of blub was created: as seen in the picture:


After seeing the blockage, I cut that blob and unloaded again - this time, the PTFE tube from the filament sensor was pushed outside as seen here:

You can also see that something cut the filament (somehow).

Some more details: since I got the printer, after purging, the filament seemed to "curl"/twist on top of the heated nozzle, do you think it indicates something?

Do you think I miss anything? maybe something in the manual?

I appreciate your help! 


Posted : 14/11/2020 6:55 pm
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RE: Clicking sounds from the extruder + nozzle issues

While following this article: how-to-access-and-clean-the-extruder-pulley-mini_126457 I encountered the following images and video, and I think that maybe there's a problem or impurity with the hole, it doesn't easily slide into place.

Do you think my problem occurs because of this?

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Posted : 14/11/2020 10:15 pm