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Bad Adhesion  

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Bad Adhesion

I finally got my Mini Plus my first good print the Nut .But after that I can not get anything to stick . I have cleaned the bed and used Magigoo glue and turned up bed heat .But models are still coming lose on bed . Any Help Thanks

Posted : 05/12/2021 2:45 am
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RE: Bad Adhesion

If your print surface is perfectly clean and all grease has been removed by wiping it with a paper towel soaked in isopropyl alcohol 90% and if the first layer height is set up perfectly, yet your print still does not adhere reliably to the print surface, check out First layer issues:

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Posted : 05/12/2021 8:40 am
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RE: Bad Adhesion

IF your print sheet is clean (& without fingerprints) and you have done first layer adjustment properly, then no glue is needed.

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Posted : 05/12/2021 9:07 am